Give Sweet Honey Gifts for the Holidays

Give Sweet Honey Gifts for the Holidays

Honey is a globally acclaimed and treasured resource that enriches many holiday celebrations by its incorporation into special recipes and use in cultural traditions. When considering what to give your loved ones, friends, neighbors or coworkers for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa—give the gift of honey. Honey has long been the symbol of sweetness, good health and prosperity and these are wonderful wishes to pass on to others for 2022.

Honey comes in a vast away of colors from almost off-white (Acaia Honey) to the darkest toffee (Avocado Honey) and every amber hue in between. Typically, the lighter colored honeys have the mildest of flavors and the delicate of tastes. Darker honeys are more robust in flavor and have very strong tastes.

Bee America offers two kinds of honey—varietal honey such as Tulip Poplar, Orange Blossom, Tupelo and Creamed Thistle and artisanal honey.

Orange Blossom and Tupelo honeys are quite distinct in their tastes and smells conjuring up citrus and a buttery-lemon, respectively.

Tulip Poplar is our flagship honey and while it is darker in color than Orange Blossom or Tupelo, it still has a mild taste reminiscent of caramelized light brown sugar.

Creamed Thistle honey is a specialty of the winter, with its ivory color and delightfully whipped texture. It’s sweet in a “dreamy, melty” sort of way, which makes it perfect for smearing on warm toast or English muffins.

Our artisanal honey is represented by the American Heritage Collection. This collection proudly showcases three different types of honey: Liberty, Pioneer and Prairie. These honeys are historically accurate blends, which recreate the taste of honey from 18th and 19th century America.

Liberty Honey is carefully crafted to recreate the taste of Colonial era honey with subtle floral hints, sweet vanilla and fresh mixed herbs.

Pioneer Honey recalls the robust honey infused with warm molasses and the rich essence of roasted tree nuts that sustained American pioneers.

Prairie Honey evokes the bright and tangy honey with spicy floral notes that was harvested from the Great Plains.

These artisanal honeys are available individually or in beautiful gift box sets that feature exquisite etchings of bees alongside honeycombs embedded with signatures from the Declaration of Independence - evoking a historical link with America's past.

Once you select your honey gifts, don’t forget about our holiday gift-wrapping service. Let us personalize your honey gift order with beautiful holiday or special occasion wrapping and a personalized card. It’s easy to do—just select the gift-wrapping option during your order checkout.

Happy Holiday Honey Shopping!