American Heritage Gift Box Sets


The perfect gift for any occasion. Order a trio of artisanal honeys from our American Heritage Collection and have it arrive handsomely presented in our beautiful gift box sets.

Liberty Honey - embodies the bold spirit of 18th century America. Liberty Honey is a unique blend of carefully crafted honeys that capture the fresh and fragrant nectar from flowers abundant in Colonial times.

Pioneer Honey - characterized by its robust taste and sweetness. Pioneer Honey is reminiscent of the blend of wild flowers that flourish at the forest edge where American pioneers tended their straw hives or skeps in glades of the Ohio River Valley.

Prairie Honey - reflects the open fields and spacious skies of the vast Western lands. Prairie Honey is infused with an airy lightness that is bursting with the captivating scents of the abundant flowers from the Great Plains.

The American Heritage Collection gift box sets feature exquisite etchings of bees alongside honeycombs embedded with signatures from the Declaration of Independence - evoking a historical link with America's past.