Bee America Introduces Prairie Honey

Bee America Introduces Prairie Honey

This blend of honey is smooth, creamy and light on the palate.

Bee America introduced three new honey blends earlier this year. These blends are based on original honey that sustained Americans as they explored and settled in the United States. Prairie Honey is the second honey blend in this series.

Prairie honey embodies the endless sea of grassland that was so impressive to the early settlers. Homesteaders valued honey bees as pollinators for their crops as well as for sweetening foods and providing beeswax for candles. Prairie honey reflects the open fields and spacious skies of the West with an airy lightness and the essence of abundant flowers of the Great Plains. This is the honey blend that is universal.

Homesteaders valued honey bees as pollinators for their crops. And they appreciated the sweetening properties for adding taste and flavor to their foods. Prairie honey is the perfect accompaniment to favorite foods and blends deliciously in recipes. Besides enjoying honey with a cup of tea, the golden liquid is perfect for baking, cooking and even homeopathic recipes. Honey butter is often appreciated on the tables at many restaurants and is perfect in many types of soups, including bisques. In fact, honey increases the complexity of soups and can neutralize the potential bitterness of root vegetables.

While honey bees clearly aided the settling of this country by Europeans, humans in turn provided assistance to the honey bee. Humans provided shelter initially in the forms of skeps and later in movable comb hives. Additionally, they supplied pollen and nectar sources by planting large areas of plants that were attractive to bees. Humans also aided bees in traversing the physical barriers that would have otherwise been insurmountable to them like the vast prairie and imposing mountain ranges. It took over 200 years from honey bees to travel across the continent and reach the west coast.

The American Heritage Collection blends of honey are available as single bottles and jars or as gift boxes for personal or corporate gift giving. Bee America offers only natural honey and honey products, which contain no additives or artificial preservatives. The company does its own extracting and bottling.

Bee America is a family-owned company with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. The company is committed to providing the best quality varietal and artisanal honey and honey-inspired body care products, both from their own hives and from unique regions around the United States. Bee America believes in educating their customers about the entire honey experience – from how it is made by industrious honey bees, how the hives are tended and even how to best enjoy it by making some of the recipes the company provides on its website. Bee America offers only natural honey and honey products, which contain no additives or artificial preservatives. For more information visit